Wellington's Regret.mp3

A new song - after the Battle of Waterloo, Wellington wrote: 'I hope to God this is my last battle.....I always say that next to battle lost, the greatest misery is a battle gained'.

The Pine Beetle Song.mp3

Another new song. My daughter Katie was in the Canadian Rockies earlier this year and learned about the destruction of the mountain forests by the Pine Beetle, thriving in warmer conditions.  


2016. This one will be on the Next album......

The Perfect Love.mp3

Originally on The Beggar and the Sand, this more recent recording was on the New Soles for Old Shoes album. 
11.01.2019 Another £15 to 
Music Action International
from sales of the Chester Songwriters CD making a total of £490 to date.
Atkinsongs has been busy! I enjoyed performing a mix of covers and my own songs for Chester Stroke Club and the Mid-Cheshire Footpath Society. I am very grateful to the latter for my 'expenses'.
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The Beggar and the Sand is on Spotify! You can hear the whole of the original album plus some 'out-takes' and some more recent covers. 


"I put your 5 CDs in the player....and Wow!....I was floored by how consistently excellent your songs are.....right up there with my favourite songwriters".

"I like very much your music, your lyrics, your performance, your simplicity and beauty in your works."

"It's the best folk/SSW album (First Take) I've heard in along time. I'm so happy to have this album!!! The price was expensive but the pressing is top notch (it's rarely the case nowadays). It is worth every penny".

"I bought one, and I'm hooked".  (The Beggar and the Sand)

"Great work Dave, I will continue play and enjoy it for many months".

“Your music was the perfect soundtrack for a long drive to Scotland”.

“It's a very beautiful album. I love your style, your bittersweet songs, how melodies accompany your singing, the images that the  lyrics evoke. I'm so glad I discovered your music”. (The Beggar and the Sand)

"We listen to melodic folklore outpourings, which are very intimate and lyrical. I, here, under them effectively sank". (The Beggar and the Sand)

"The essential is there: songs that go right to the heart......he has taken particular care to scribble the history of each song, their date of genesis.....we measure the long path travelled to arrive at this secret and intimate realisation". (The Beggar and the Sand)

New CD album STARFISH now available. 

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