Digital downloads (WAV files) of all albums available on request, £0.50 a track or priced as CDs. Listed below are albums currently available, download or CD. Those marked *are CDs in stock, commercially produced in the Digipak format, with 4 printed faces. The numbers in brackets are the stock held. The others would be home produced in CD_jewel format, to order. 

Prices are as follows:  All CDs or downloads: £5.00 each, 2 for £8.00, 3 for £11.00. Postage costs added where applicable. All vinyl sold out, new pressings will cost £50 to £100 a unit, depending on quantity. Please use the contact form on the right if you are interested. 
 1. First Take. 1968-1970 material, recovered from the original tapes
 and ancient vinyl.
 2. Atkinsongs. The 1973 vinyl album, recovered from the original
 tapes and now on CD.
 3.Take Three. More 1970's material, recovered from the original
 4.The Beggar and The Sand. A CD re-issue of the 1976 vinyl album,
 with contemporary covers from Ken Ainsworth, Phillip Allan and Yvet
  van der Tuin. Mainly studio-recorded. Out-takes album also available.
 5. The Mersey Tapes.  Early 1970's songs, predominantly first
 recordings of matrieal that ended up on 2 and 4, plus a few that only
 appear here.
 6. The Manchester Tapes. Yet more 1970's songs, from the back end of
 the decade, all of it only on this album.
 7. Morning Leaves*(1). Digital re-workings of the 1970's material, with
 several songs that have stood the test of time, including songs
 inspired by my love of the mountains and about the passing of
 8. Leavings*(4). Here we have the songs from the 1980's, with fine \
 studio-recorded contributions from my daughter Katie, including All
 Those Songs About Sunny California
, which is on my Soundcloud page.
 9. Song and Dance*(11) After a largely song-less 1990's, here are the
 songs that came along during the first years of the new millenium.
 10. My Mischievous Muse*(12). This mainly has the songs from a very
 productive 2009, when I seemed driven by that Mischievous Muse to
 write with new topics and new invention. 
 11. Patchwork. A case of something completely different - this one is
 a mix of adaptations of others' material, poem settings, along with a
 few and Atkinsong originals.
 12. The Dee Tapes. A round-up of otherwise unreleased material from
 the 1980's and 1990's.
 13. Some of Mine. Some more recent material, all the songs written
 and recorded since 2011.
 14. Letters Home*(2). Pretty much contemporary with Some of
but perhaps less ambitious, more reflective. 
 15. New Soles for Old Shoes. New digital recordings of 60's and
 70's songs, over half of them recorded for the first time.    
 16. Starfish, digipak CD and song files for download available now 
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Photo by Mike Threlfall, taken at the Anabasis Mountaineering Club Hut, Capel Curig, North Wales.