On this page, lots to look that, nothing to listen to. Below, CD and 12" album sleeves, and book jackets, all my own designs, much of it featuring my artwork in pastel, ink and pencil. The look of the CD artwork is thanks to the excellent work of The Duplication Centre. The Atkinsongs and The Beggar and the Sand sleeves date from the early 1970's. These days I enjoy going to Chester U3A Art Group for excellent advice, free coffee (and sometimes cake), lifts home and above all, good company. 

n the left, the sleeves of my books, Letters Home from the HIlls self-published in 2012, and Golden Threads:Every Song Sings a Story, 2020.
Yes, I really did play my guitar on top of Napes Needle once. The train drawing
is from a childhood memory of the Bulleid Pacifics on the run from Weymouth to Waterloo; they were the last steam engines to operate on the British main lines, pencil. Above, the Houses of Parliament, ink. Left, pastels: top, from a photo by Amy Atkinson; below, a piece inspired by Bob Dylan's Mr Tambourine Man,