I began writing in the late 1960's, inspired, as were many others, by Bob Dylan who proved that you did not need to be a great singer, great
guitarist or have an electric band to write a great song. Since then, I have come up with more than 400 songs. In the 1970's new influences made
their mark - English traditional song, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell and
Kris Kristofferson. The early imitative Americana was replaced
by something that became more distinctively an 'Atkinsong' and many
of those 1970's songs have endured to become staples of my repertoire
today. I produced two limited run vinyl albums, Atkinsongs (1973) and 
The Beggar and The Sand (1976). 

The songs stopped coming in the 1990's as life changed with marriage and the arrival of children but started again in 2001 and continue, if less often, to this day. Joining the Chester Song Writers Group in 2010 brought to an end the relative isolation from fellow-musicians in which I had worked hitherto and a new edge to the songs came with a search for distinctive subject matter. In 2015, there was unexpected interest from people in different parts of the world in those early albums and a good audio copy of The Beggar and The Sand LP found its way to me from the USA. This encouraged me to curate the best of my recordings in CD format
. Financially, this has been supported by the discovery of unexpected value in the 'collectable' status of those early vinyl albums which earned
£125-£150 apiece 
for me; 'rare vinyl' collectors seem prepared to pay a lot more than that. I am thankful for the generosity of friends who returned their copies to me (and thankful in a different way to the few who refused to part with their copies!). So the song curation project has been self-funding and I have been able to support some good causes (right). 
Things continued to take unexpected turns. Recovery of recordings from neglected reel-to-reel tapes and ancient vinyl led to the production of 4 new vinyl LPs: First Take, The Mersey Tapes, The Manchester Tapes, Take Three and a reissue of The Beggar and the Sand. This was made possible by the people -mainly from outside the UK - who committed to these productions and were not discouraged by a high unit cost per LP. The preference of a couple of customers for hand-created sleeves presented me with the 12 inch sleeve as my canvas, much more rewarding than the small area offered by a CD. More recently, cassette recordings from the 1990's have been retrieved, including many songs not recorded elsewhere, and a few that had been forgotten altogether. Not everything was 'good' but there were gems among the garbage. The curation project has now yielded recordings of 172 of the songs and currently 15 albums (details on the contact page). And now, another album on the way. In 2019, the interest of LostinThyme radio gave me a 2 hour slot for my music (see Home Page).
As a 'song writer', my task is to attend to the songs that find me, not to go looking for them. The song seems to come when it wills, not when I will it. For me, a 'good' song is one that does 'good' by being sung, listened to, enjoyed, benefiting others. It is a two-way thing between me and the listener. A song sung is a song alive. The 'best' songs sing many people's stories. Songs compete for attention and admiration in an over-crowded arena, but singing the listener's story, not just the singer's, is the real prize. I am very grateful to the people who make my songs - by their listening, by their singing, by their encouragement, and by being in them, whether knowingly or unknowingly. I hope my songs sing their stories too.


 People give generous support by  buying vinyl and CDs. Costs have
 been kept low by producing the
 majority of recordings at home. 
 Of the surplus remaining after 
88% has been donated to a
 variety of good causes. 
 Atkinsongs has also helped
 Chester Songwriters raise £490
 for Music Action International
 through sales of a compilation